Easy access :

To participate in a race outside one’s home area naturally include logistics and preparation : travel, accommodation, x-tra time… It is not more complicated to travel to the UTAT than to a race in another European country. The flight offer between the major European cities and Marrakech are plentiful.

A minimum cost : 

Many European trails demand a certain investment (registration, compulsory gear, travel, accommodation…). Morocco has been and still is an interesting tourist destination cost wise for Europeans, even more so since the low-cost airlines have started to fly to Marrakech.

In the end the cost to participate at the UTAT is often less than for many European races. Once you arrive in Morocco the UTAT organization will take care of everything (transfers, accommodation, meals), and you will discover an awesome territory – a trail paradise!

UTAT is true journey, just hours away by plane ! Over here, so close to Europe, and yet so far way…