Duration : 3 days from October 3 – 5 or October 10 to 12, 2022

Why ?

Morocco’s, and North Africa’s, highest peak, the Djebel Toubkal is just a mere hike away from the UTAT playground. A great opportunity to climb a peak culminating above 4000 meters and easily accessible.

Take advantage of your participation at the UTAT to summit this mountain, either before to optimize your acclimatation before the race, or just for the pleasure of adding yet another summit to your mountain adventures.

Why acclimatize to the altitude ?

One of the characteristics of the UTAT is itineraries at high altitude (average altitude is 2400 m). The start of all the races is at 2 620m and there are 6 cols above 3000m, one at 3690 – there are no other races with similar altitude profiles. It is quite possible to participate, and even perform, at the UTAT without an acclimatization.

After listening to the feedback and requests from racers over the years, we decided to add the option to climb the Djebl Toubkal to our race package, offering an additional chance to finish the race in good conditions as well as a possibility to discover new territories.

An all-inclusive package

We will welcome you at the airport in Marrakech and transfer you to the village of Imlil, a Berber version of Chamonix, and you will stay in a charming inn. The following morning you will start hiking towards the Toubkal CAF mountain hut, accompanied by your mountain guide and mules to carry your bags. After an afternoon spent in altitude, a nice evening meal a good night’s sleep you will start very early in the morning, at the light of your headlamp. After summiting you will hike back down to Imlil. From there a shuttle will bring you to the UTAT base camp at the end of the day.

2 options available : either before the UTAT (October 3 – 5) to acclimatize, or after (from October 10 to 12) to finish off your adventure with a trek.


Before the UTAT

D1 – Transfer from Marrakech airport / Imlil (departure 6 PM)

D2 – Imlil / Bivouac in a one-person tent

D3 –Toubkal summit / Imlil / Transfer to Oukaïmeden

– Mountain Guide

– Full board from dinner D1 to breakfast D4

– Luggage kept & guarded D1 – D3 at the inn in Imili


After the UTAT

D1 – Transfer Oukaïmeden / Inn Imlil (departure 11 AM)

D2 – Imlil / Bivouac in a one-person tent

D3 – Toubkal summit / Imlil / Transfer to Marrakech

– Mountain Guide

– Full board from dinner D1 to lunch D3

– Luggage kept & guarded D1 – D3 at the inn in Imili

Your perfect travel kit in the High Atlas

The UTAT is taking place in a mountain environment at high altitude.

Therefore, it is essential to have the adequate gear.

In this period of the year, the average day time weather is sunny with temperatures between 20 to 30°C. However, in the evening and during nighttime temperatures drop dramatically, from 0 to – 10°C when above 3000 meters. A strong wind together with rain showers or snow is not uncommon above 2500/3000 m.

As a general rule show foresight, you are in a high mountain environment, what seemed unnecessary when you packed your bag turns out to be essential!


• Hiking pants and a pair of shorts for day use

• Technical T-shirts and long-sleeved base layer,

• Warm underwear and socks

• 1 Down jacket,

• Warm fleece

• Waterproof shell (type Gore-Tex): bottom & vest

• Warm gloves and a hat

• 1 cap

• 1 pair of sunglasses,


• 1 small backpack (~ 30L)

• 1 sleeping bag (0 ° C to 5 ° C)

• Toiletry case and fast-drying towel

• Sunscreen and chap stick

• Survival blanket and a small knife,

• Headlamp with replacement batteries,

• Hiking or trail shoes (rugged mountain terrain, abrasive rock),

• 1 pair of walking sticks (optional but strongly recommended),

• Wipes (convenient at the bivouac) and toilet paper,

1 small pharmacy kit: paracetamol, anti-diarrhea drugs, Smecta, antibacterial gel, antiseptics and plasters

• For those who wear lenses: a moisturizer is very useful, the altitude combined with the sun and the dry air dries your eyes considerably.


• A watch,

• The personal bits and pieces you like to bring on a trip (camera, MP3, solar charger – NB no electricity on the mountain).


Bear in mind that you are moving around in a high-altitude environment and that your first concern should be your security. Don’t forgot that, though weather conditions are favorable most of the time, the correct gear will help you to handle unexpected changes.

Enjoy your time in the Atlas Mountains!

The UTAT team