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The Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal is a trail running event staged in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, it is open to male and female participants from everywhere in the world.

The organization is in charge of the assisting the racers during the races.

The results at the UTAT are based on the race time of each participant, they will be available by category, sex and scratch.


2.1 Organizer

The UTAT is organized by : Association Sport Nature Développement – 11 Avenue Jean Médecin – 06380 Sospel / France –

2.2 Date of the event

From October 6th to 10th October 2022


2.3 Registration

Registration fee 430€ up to 30/06/2022 – 470€ from 01/07/2022 and onwards.

For details on the options/special conditions please check on :

Means of payment : Credit Card or bank transfer

This is included in the entry fee:

      • Return transfer – Marrakech airport /Base Camp in Oukaïmeden
      • Accommodation in a tent (16M2 – 4/5.persons) from Thursday to Sunday (incl.)
      • Half board from Thursday dinner to Monday breakfast
      • Race logistics
      • Cultural activities, guided tours

Maximum number of racers/race : 300

2.4 Responsibility & Insurance

Civil Liability: as per the law governing the event, the organizers hold an insurance covering the consequences of their Civil Liability, those of their employees and all participants at the Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal.

Competitors participate under their own responsibility in the event of an accident or failure resulting from their medical condition.

Each participant must hold an individual accident insurance policy covering the costs of search & rescue, evacuation, hospitalization in Morocco and repatriation to his/her country of origin.

The organization recommend the ITRA Insurance :

This insurance covers most outdoor sports, duration one year and no geographic restrictions. It is valid worldwide.

Insurance companies like Europ Assistance, Mondial Assistance and others offer similar insurances.

If the participant cannot prove that he/she holds such an insurance, the organization requires the participant to subscribe an appropriate insurance on site, if he/she wish to participate in the race.

2.5 Cancel a registration

Cancellation Guarantee

The cancellation guarantee is optional (60 €). Subscription is done with the online registration.

The guarantee covers the reimbursement of the costs incurred for the registration (entry fee + options, excluded : payment fees) to one of the 5 races, if a racer wishes to cancel for one of the following reasons:

    • An accident, serious illness or death
    • A serious illness requiring hospitalization
    • The death of a spouse or common-law partner, direct ascendant or descendant, within 30 days of the event
    • A positive Covid 19 test, for the racer or his/her close family, during the month prior to the event.
    • Refusal to board, following a temperature test, at the airport when traveling to the race.
    • Pregnancy of a registered female racer

In the case of an accident and/or a serious illness the participant must supply a medical certificate signed and stamped by a doctor and attesting the contra-indication of a participation in the race. Other causes for a cancellation must be supported by a document issued by the competent authority.

Conditions for a reimbursement: any request for reimbursement must reach us, accompanied by the medical certificate, at the latest within 10 days following the event. Applications are processed within two months following the receipt of the declaration.


Process to cancel an entry

The cancellation of an entry must be made by e-mail ( or by post (Association Sports Nature Development – Chez Sci Avenue – 11 Avenue Jean Médecin- 06380 Sospel – France).

In the event of subscription to the payment option in 3 instalments (article 3.2), the cancellation guarantee cannot in any way be activated if, on the date of occurrence of the facts at the origin of the inability to participate or on the date of declaration by email to the organization, one of the payment deadlines has not been honored within the deadlines, i.e. D+30 from the date of registration for the first payment, D+60 from the date registration for the second.


Right to retract

The Sports Nature Development Association, organizer of UTAT, is subject to French consumer law.

In accordance with Article L.121-17 and L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the right to retract gives the consumer a 14-day withdrawal period in the event of a change of mind when purchasing over the internet or by telephone is not opposable in the context of a registration with the UTAT.

The Consumer Code indicates that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for leisure activity contracts when the consumer is informed.

2.6 Cancellation of the event

The organization has the right to cancel the race, in case of a force majeure, or if a minimum of 500 participants are not registered by July 31, 2022.

If one of the races or the event is cancelled for any organizational reason 90 days prior to the start of the event, a partial refund of the registration fees will be made. The amount of the refund will be based on the irredeemable expenses committed at the date of the cancellation.

In the case of a cancellation 30 days prior to the start of the event, registrations will be partially refunded. The refund is calculated to allow the organizers to manage unavoidable expenses. Racers will be refunded as follows:

Up to 31/03: 100%

Up to 30/06: 80%

Up to 06/09: 60%

After 06/09: no refund


3.1 Participants

To participate a racer must comply to the following points:

    • Be over 18 years old, save for the Amazigh Trail where the age limit is minimum 16 years old.
    • Having paid the entry fee
    • Completed the registration file
    • Read, accept and comply with the Regulation.
    • Beware of the risks involved with participating in a trail running competition in the mountains

3.2 Payment by installments

In order to spread the cost of the UTAT registration over a period not exceeding 90 days and thus to smooth the charge, the organization allows installment payment, without additional cost or additional costs and according to the terms below.

Legal framework
The installment payment proposed by the Sport Nature Development association cannot, according to article L312-4 of the French consumer code, be assimilated to a credit. Indeed, this provision is similar to a payment facility and its scope is exempt from credit regulations.

As a reminder => under Article L312-4 of the Consumer Code, the provisions relating to consumer credit do not apply when:
The total amount of the credit is less than €200;
The repayment period does not exceed three months and the payment is accompanied by no interest and no costs or only interest and costs of a negligible amount.
These two conditions being alternative, if one of these conditions is met, the transaction will not be considered as a credit transaction but as a payment facility.

Terms and conditions
To benefit from the installment payment within the framework of a registration for one of the UTAT races it is necessary to subscribe to it as soon as you register. The choice to benefit from it or not is irrevocable and cannot be modified later.
A first payment will be immediately debited when paying by credit card at the time of validation of the registration.
The other deadlines must be received on D+30 from the date of registration for the second and D+60 for the third. In the case of an exceptional event preventing the achievement of one of the deadlines, the case of force majeure must be characterized and notified by email to the organization. As a reminder, a case of force majeure is an event that fulfills the following 3 characteristics: It is unpredictable. It is irresistible (insurmountable). It is beyond the control of those involved.
In the event that the payment period for one of the installments exceeds 90 days, the registration will be purely and simply canceled, without possible refund of the amounts previously paid. In addition, according to article 3.3 Installment payment, the cancellation guarantee cannot be activated and no request in this regard will be processed by the organization.

3.3 National residents

Please find below the definition of a national resident, offering access to the specific offers:

A national resident is a person, whatever his/her nationality is, who lives in Morocco , holds a Carte d’Identité Nationale (CIN) or a visa (“Carte d’Immatriculation” ) valid at the time of the registration. If, at the moment of registration, the person is in the process of receiving one of the above documents, the receipt issued by the competent authorities shall be accepted as proof of residence.

To finalize the registration, the document that confirms the residency is compulsory and must be added to the online registration file at the latest Sunday September 30, 2022.

If such a document is missing the registration is cancelled and no refund is possible.



3.4 Documents & formalities required 

  • Hold a license with Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise, Athlé Running, or a Pass Running, delivered by the FFA (Fédération Française d’Athlétisme) and valid at the time of the event.
  • For non-licensed participants : Present a medical certificate of no contra-indication to competing in a running event, dated less than a year before the actual date of the race
  • For the participants at the UTAT (105km) :

Only the medical certificate specific to the event is accepted (available to download on our website)

Having finished a race corresponding to one of the following requirements in 2022 or 2023 : a race allocated with min. 4 ITRA pts or a race over min. 60 kms and a min. of 3200 in elevation gain.

Hold an individual accident insurance covering costs for search & rescue, repatriation and hospital costs in Morocco.



3.5 Assistance 

Assistance during the race is provided by the organization, external assistance of any kind is forbidden.


3.6 Refueling during the race 

Drinks and food are provided by the organization.


Article 4 PROGRAM

4.1 Departure time

UTAT : October 6 – midnight

Marathon de l’Atlas : October 7 – 06h00 AM

Virée d’Ikkiss : October 7 – 09h00 AM

Amazigh Trail : October 7 – 10h00 AM


4.2 The races

5 events:

UTAT105 km / 8000D+

Marathon de l’Atlas 42 km / 2600D+

Virée d’Ikkiss 26 km / 1400D+

Amazigh Trail12 km / 500D+

The Challenge de l’Atlas: an event in two stages (Le Marathon de l’Atlas + La Virée d’Ikkiss)


Several checkpoints are situated along the race itineraries to ensure the regularity and the security during the event.

The controls are executed by race marshals, who are under the authority of the Race Director whose decisions are without appeal.

The Aid Stations (PA) or Check Points (PC) are designated in the Roadbook given to each participant before the race.



Timing is done using a timing software. The competitors must make sure they have been clocked-in (manually or passing the electronic gate) at each PC (checkpoint).

6.1 Time Limits

The time limits of the main checkpoints of the different races are detailed on our website, in the section Facts&Figures of the race in question and appear in the Roadbook of each race.


6.2 Penalties

Any incurred penalties are added to the competitors race time.


6.3 Rankings :

The rankings will be established scratch and per category and sex.

The ranking of the Challenge de l’Atlas is the cumulation of time at the Marathon de l’Atlas and the Virée d’Ikkiss.


Master VE 1987 and prior
Senior SE 1988 to 1999
Espoir ES 2000 to 2002
Junior JU 2003 and 2004





7.1 The Jury

The Jury members are as follows :

The Race Director

The Head of Security

The Medical Director


The Jury is sovereign in applying the regulations. The Jury’s decisions are final.

7.2 Complaints

Complaints must be filed in writing, within 2 hours after the racer has passed the finish line. They should be handed to the race management, together with a deposit of 40 €. If the complaint receives a favorable outcome the 40€ will be given back to you.


7.3 The table of penalty

                           Table of penalty  

Absence of mandatory security equipment and/or if + 3 items are missing

Time penalty  (30 min per item) and/or disqualification
Refusal of a mandatory equipment check Disqualification
Leaving litter Disqualification
Non respectful behavior towards organization, racers or local inhabitants Disqualification
Failure to assist a person in difficulty Disqualification
External assistance Time penalty 51 to 2 hrs in accordance with the seriousness)
Cheating (e.g. : using transportation / exchange of bib-numbers…) Disqualification for life
Bib-number not visible Time penalty (30 min)
Non-respect of indications given by the Race Direction, a marshal or medical staff (doctor, nurse or first aid) Disqualification
Non-compliance with the marked-out route Time penalty (30 min to 2 hrs in accordance with the seriousness)


The organizers kindly remind the competitors to respect the environment, the volunteers and the local population, especially their customs and traditions.




7.4 Abandonment

In case of abandonment the competitor must inform the nearest checkpoint or aid station and hand-in his/her bib-number. The organization will make sure the competitor is taken back to the base camp.



Article 8 SECURITY

Under extreme weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to cancel, modify or stop a race or modify the time barriers.

A medical team composed of doctors, nurses and first-aid staff are present during the event, at strategic points of the different race itineraries. They are entitled to disqualify a competitor deemed unfit or endangering the security of other competitors.


Morocco, the region of Marrakech Safi, the Province of Al Haouz, the territory of the Haut Atlas, the Toubkal National Parc open their doors, welcoming the organization and all the participants with kindness and a spirit of openness, discovery and exchange. All of us are passing visitors and must observe the greatest respect for the inhabitants and their way of life, their culture and their manners and customs.

Sport, its organization, as its practice carries an important number of values: tolerance, respect, honesty, honor, courage…that all of us, organizers, contributors and participants are committed to respecting.


10.1 Bib number : visibility

The bib-number should be worn clearly on the front, at the level of the bust.


10.2 Image rights

By their participation alone a competitor registered to one of the races in the event, allows the organization ( the association Sports Nature Développement) and their partners to use their image (photo or video) in all types of media to promote the event, without any kind of compensation.

However, a racer may assert his/her right to the protection of their private life, by requesting an exclusion from this clause in writing.




All participants must comply to the regulations.

In case of a dispute with the organization, the participants undertake to initiate a mediation with the organization through direct exchange.

If this course of appeal is exhausted, French court alone is competent to take cognizance of any litigation. In this case the Court in Nice (Place du Palais, 06357 NICE Cedex 9), being the court to which the association – Sport Nature Développement – who produces the event, is attached


The organization commit to using the participants personal data for purposes strictly related to the competition where he/she is registered (pre- and post-event), and those related to promotion and information directly related to the UTAT in general.

When you register using the on-line tool Njuko©, there is an option you may select which allows a participant to request his/her personal data to remain anonymous. The option may be selected at any time. Once this option is selected all personal data will be deleted 60 days after the event and is no longer accessible to the organizers. The fields deleted will appear as “xxxx”, on the Njuko© platform.


The present regulations can be subject to changes by decision of the organization up to Wednesday October 5th, 2023. Any up dated version of the Regulations will be posted on the event website: