The Province of Al Haouz

The province of Al Haouz is situated South-East of the region Marrakech-Safi. The entire UTAT event takes place within the province, and it is their rules and authority which govern the event.

The Parc National de Toubkal (Toubkal National Park)

From the very beginning the Park, and its manager, Madame Soraya Mokhtari, have supported the event.

Already at the first presentation of the UTAT project to the park management we received a very positive feedback. They were particularly sensible to the aim and the recommendations: the event must not have a negative impact on the ecosystem, or the tracks and paths used by the inhabitants – and an essential part in their daily life, and must be held respecting the ancestral customs and habits.

For 4 years now the Parc have a team of technicians present at the event, they keep a counter at the base camp and organize guided visits and presentations of the parc.

The UTAT is grateful for the privilege of being able to enjoy such a setting.

In this capacity we contribute and make the most of the exchange, with constructive actions in a long-term perspective.

The Fédération Royale Marocaine de Ski et Sports de Montagne (The Royal Moroccan Ski and Mountain Sports Federation)

The FRMSSM is the Moroccan federation governing trail running. Under the impetus of its young President, Hicham ait Auarchikh, a constructive collaboration has been forged with the aim to structure the practice of trail running and reach out to a larger audience in the best possible way, to detect and support the many young talents living in the territory.

Each year this collaboration enables 30 young people from the villages on the UTAT race itinerary, to participate in the races and receive a material endowment at no cost.

The office National Marocain du Tourisme

Thanks to the collaboration with the ONMT, the country of Morocco is represented via its ambitious program the Vision 2020: aiming towards making Morocco a reference destination for sustainable development around the Mediterranean.æ

One of the main objectives of the ONTM via its program for sustainable tourism is to promote the destination through the preservation of Nature, culture, values, traditions and the Moroccan identity. Tourism should strive to work for the economic and social development of the territories, in particular through creating awareness amongst the visitors via the guide “The Responsible Traveler” and the creation of the Moroccan Trophy for Sustainable Tourism to encourage and promote sustainable projects. As an example, the ONMT have collaborated with the Mohamed IV Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and their programs “Clef Verte”, “Plages Propres” and Pavillon Bleu” to preserve its rich natural heritage.

Aïn Atlas

In the High Atlas Mountains, a natural wonder with green landscapes, there is a spring called “Hamou Agamgam”, this is the origin of the Aïn Atlas mineral water.

Having in common a territory a collaboration between Aïn Atlas and the UTAT came naturally. The partnership started in 2014, with the goal to highlight a territory we both cherish.

Aïn Atlas offer all participants a pure water for the duration of the event. Thus, the brand participates in the hydration of the racers, an essential part of their performances.