In 2007, Cyrille Sismondini and his family moved to Morocco.

Whilst roaming the mountains running, biking and ski-touring Cyrille discovers a stunning environment. He also realizes, that save a few trekking groups organized by tour-operators, hardly any bikers, trailers or ski-tourers seem to wander these immense territories.

When sharing outings with his childhood friend Brice Thouret, they decide to challenge themselves. Their idea is to make this fabulous territory better known to the European outdoor sports community.

A region with a huge potential, within in reach for millions of outdoor lovers. A long-lived and rich heritage. Breathtaking scenery, and a hospitality like no other.

still a link between these stunning territories and an outdoor loving community looking for new adventures, was missing: The Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal was born with the aim to fill this gap !


L’UTAT was born in 2009 with two major goals in mind:

  • Create a world-class event open to trail runners from all-over the world, wishing to discover an extraordinary mountain range of rare beauty. Offer races for all levels, from a 12km trail – accessible to anyone – , to a daunting 105km Ultra.

  • Ensure that the event become a major contributor to the development of the Haut Atlas territory, through the promotion of outdoor sports and the involvement of local actors within the organization of the event.

Promoting strong values :

  • Respect this pristine environment

  • Work with local resources and companies (muleteers, guides, merchants,)

  • Facilitate the transfer of skills between local resources and foreign contributors (paramedics, sports management…)

  • Authenticity, remain true to the original trail running spirit (share, discover, stay humble…)


For more than 12 years, the UTAT confirms its place as the first ultra-trail of the African continent.

You will find that the magic not only comes from the beauty of the territory, but also from the mobilization of all those who contribute to the smooth running of the event: the inhabitants, the local companies, the muleteers, the guides and the volunteers.