The ULTRA TRAIL ATLAS TOUBKAL course is 105 kms long, with 8000 meters of elevation gain.

The race starts (and finish) in Oukaïmeden, at an altitude of 2 620. The course runs between the altitudes of 1700 and 3700 meters.

The race requires a high level of autonomy, and the paths are technical. A stretch of the race, from km 40 to 80, runs through one of the most remote and isolated parts of the High Atlas, with no roads and no GSM coverage.

There are some 20 checkpoints on the course, the most important ones include medical assistance.


Early bird offer: 420€ for registration in february 2023

(for Moroccan residents please check here) 

  • Shuttles : Turn/return ( Marrakech airport / Oukaïmeden).
    From Thursday Oct 5, 2023 – Return Monday Oct 9, 2023
  • Race registration (bib & roadbook)
  • Accommodation in marabout tents (16m2 / 4 to 5 persons), bring clothes and sleeping bag for low temperatures (0° to – 5 ° C)

Optional with additional charge & according to availability : Dormitory at the CAF chalet. 4 nights 90 € /person (from Oct 5 – 8, 2022)

  • Sanitary arrangements (showers, WC)
  • Dinner – Thursday, Friday, Saturday + Couscous Party Sunday
  • Breakfast – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Mineral water for the duration of your stay

  • Race Logistics :
      • Medical assistance
      • Para-medical services (massage)
      • Race supplies : water & food (number & location of aid stations see Technical File)
      • Course markings
      • Base Camp facilities
  • Through Saturday night : Post-race snack (hot soup – sandwiches – hot drinks, etc.)
  • Prize giving: awards for all podium positions Male and Female.
  • Ancillary activities in Oukaïmeden (conferences, guided visits, etc.)

*price valid up to June 30, 2023. After this date the price is 490 € and according to availability

Group offer: 40 € reduction/person for a group of minimum 10, hence 420€ (offer valid until June 30 2023).

Start:   Oukaïmeden plateau


WINNER : Circa 18 hours



24 KM (TIMICHI  Alt 1951m) : Food & Drinks

Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, salted biscuits, chocolate, cream cheese, cold turkey, soup, bananas, bread, green tea, coffee, mineral water (plain & sparkling), coca.

32 KM (TAKERKOURTE Alt 1712m) : Drinks

Mineral water (plain & sparkling), coca.

46 KM (BOUKCHOUD  Alt 2600m) : Food & Drinks

Almonds cashew nuts, salted biscuits, chocolate, chips, dry apricots, raisins, cheese, vegetable broth, rice sticks, potatoes, sugar, green tea, coffee, mineral water (plain & sparkling), coca.

68 KM (AZIB LIKEMT  Alt 2560m) : Food & Drinks

Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, chips, chocolate, dry apricots, raisins, cheese, cold turkey, vegetable broth, rice sticks, potatoes, sugar, green tea, coffee, mineral water (plain & sparkling), coca.

93 KM (IMLIL  Alt 1730m) : Food & Drinks

Walnuts, cashew nuts, chips, chocolate, cream cheese, potatoes, soup, pasta, apples, tea, salt, mineral water (plain & sparkling),

98 KM (AMSKERE  Alt 1861m):  Drinks

Time barriers

Takerkourte (km 34  Alt 1712m): Departure time + 8h

Boukchoud (km 46 Alt 2600m): Departure time + 13h

Azib Likemt (km 65 Alt 2560m): Departure time + 22h

Imlil (km 88.5 Alt 1730m): Departure time + 34h



PATH : 94 KM


19 CHECK POINTS (PC) with medical staff

Tizi n’Addi (6 km Alt 2944m)

Tacheddirt (10 km Alt 2344m)

Tizi Tacheddirt (14 km Alt 3182m)

Timichi (24 km Alt 1951m)

Takerkourte (32 km 1712m)

Boukchoud (46 km Alt 2600m)

Tizi N’Oumchicka (50 km  Alt 2992m)

Tougroudadene (60km  Alt 3270m)

Azib Likemt (68 km  Alt 2560m)

Tizi N’Tifourate (72 km  Alt 3144m)

Azib Tifini (74 km  Alt 2854m)

TIizi N’Terhaline  (76,5 km Alt 3303m)

Tizi Tichki  (79,3 km Alt 3685m)

Tizi N’Tarharate (80,3 km Alt 3300m)

Descente Tizi N’Tarharate  “Le Rocher” (83,5 km  Alt 2771m)

Cirque Aremd (88 km  Alt 1938m)

Imlil  (92,5 km  Alt 1730m)

Amskere (98 km  Alt 1861m)

Plateau Gliz (102,5 km Alt 2225m)

Compulsory gear: download here 

Many trail races offer amazing scenery and challenging ascents, others have views where the summits seem to blend with the sky.

At the UTAT you will experience all this and much more, it is a true adventure!


We are at an altitude of 2620m, on the plateau of Oukaïmeden, it’s almost midnight, under a starry sky the competitors, headlamps on, listen to the speakers last words of encouragement.

The race is on !

1st Ascent

The first 5 kms of the race, partly on a track (30%) partly on paths (70%) and with 369 of D+ will get you to the first col – Tizi n’Addi at 2920 m (PC1).

1st Descent 5kms & 600 D-

The descent will cross the village of Tacheddirt(PC2).

Just aheaud you there is a col, with the same name, culminating at 3190 m. This is the first of the 6 cols above 3000 m you will climb. Not too technical or steep, a smooth ascent to PC3 Alt 3190 m, KM 16, 1360 D+.

From there a smooth descent will get you to your first Aid Station (Food & Drinks) at Timchi PC4 Alt 1960, KM 24 – at 1 960 m – 1440 D+ & 2120 D-.

Then you will cross a number of picturesque villages before arriving at Takerkourte Aid Station (Drinks) PC5 Alt 1750 m, KM 34,5, 1880m D+ & 2770 m D-.

After this you ford the Orika wadi, the lowest point of the race at 1568m.

Here is where your journey into the most magical part of the race starts, 50kms of paths far from the beaten track, into an untouched nature.

The ascent towards Tamatert, the next village, is steep and gets you to the 3rd col on the race : Tizi Tamatert (PC6  Alt 2222 m, KM 41 , 2630m D+ & 3 060m D-).

After a short descent to Azib Assaka, you climb up to the Amenzel col, and onwards to the village with the same name.

After a stretch in the bottom of the valley you will get to the foot of the Oumchichka col and find the Boukchoud Aid Station (Food & Drinks) PC7 Alt 2600 m, KM 49, 3380m D+ & 3 350.m D-.

The ascent to the col is a path in a scree. At the col a short ascent to reach Oumchichka PC8 Alt 3070 m, KM 51 , 3830m D+ & 3350m D-.

Followed by a descent with a few short uphills, crossing water reservoirs before getting down to the river.

Ahead is yet another col, another valley. The climb on the side of a rocky peak leads you to a new valley, another river to cross and a smooth climb to the col at Tougroudadene PC9 Alt 3264 m , KM 60, 4730m D+ – & 4060m D-.

Followed by a long and easy descent in two parts, to get you to Azib Likemt Aid Station (Food & Drinks)PC10 Alt 2564 m, KM 68, 4 780m D+ & 4810m D-.

After a break it’s time to make the ascent of Tizi n’Tifourhate PC11 Alt 3144 m, KM 72, 5390m D+ & 4850m D-. A short descent will get you to the next PC : Azib Tifni PC12 Alt 2895 m, KM 74, 5390m D+ & 5140m D-.

You are now at the foot of a giant: Adrar N’Tarharate, a climb divided in 3 sections. First you go to Tizi Terhaline PC13 Alt 3313 m, KM 76,6, 5850m D+ & 5140m D-.

After this you get to the highest point of the UTAT : Tichki Alt 3670 m, KM 78,5, here starts on of the most impressive descents you’ll find on an international trail race, some 11,5 kms and a drop of 2000m. After crossing a col, you get to Tagharate PC14 Alt 3495 m, KM 79,4, 6250m D+ & 5330m D-.

You are now in the steepest part of this mythical descent that takes you to the PC called “Le Rocher” PC15 Alt 2435 m, KM 84 , 6260m D+ & 6390m D-.

The last part of this long 1600 m descent gets you to the Aremd cirque. After crossing a dry riverbed, you will see the first dwellings, and then a track to PC16 Alt 1940 m, KM 87, 6270m D+ & 6930m D-.

A smooth climb on a track for about 1 km, followed by a set of descending single tracks, a path and you are in Imlil the next Aid Station (Food & Drinks) PC17 Alt 1675 m, KM 90, 6310m D+ & 7160.m D-.

If needed, here you will find medical staff and the possibility to take a short nap.

From here the path follow the river, before a climb up to the second last col at Aguersioual Alt 2044 m, KM95.

A new descent, another valley, a different village. A short climb amongst walnut trees and through the village of Amskere and you are at the second last PC, at the exit of the village PC18 Alt 1885 m, KM 96, 6900m D+ & 7 660m D-.

Then a first uphill on a track, ending on a path that leads you to the beginning of a flat section : the Gliz Plateau.

A complete change of environment : the red earth stands out against the green of the junipers, on a path almost flat. You can see the last PC, a steep climb and some hundreds meters away PC19 Alt 2245 m, KM 101, 7 510.m D+ & 7770m D-.

You are almost there, and will soon see Tizi Oukaïmeden , and just behind the arrival and the UTAT base camp!