The Marathon the l’Atlas is 42 kms long with a positive altitude gain of 2600m.

The race starts in Oukaïmeden at an altitude of 2 620 m, highest point on the course is at 3 180 m and the lowest at 1 950 m.

It runs on technical trails, in particular between kilometers 20 to 36.

Though less engaging than the Ultra, the Marathon de l’Atlas is a demanding itinerary, the fastest runners finish in about 4hrs and 30min.


Early bird offer: 420€ for registration in february 2023

(for Moroccan residents please check here) 

  • Shuttles : Turn/return ( Marrakech airport / Oukaïmeden).
    From Thursday Oct 5, 2023 – Return Monday Oct 9, 2023
  • Race registration (bib & roadbook)

  • Accommodation in marabout tents (16m2 / 4 to 5 persons), bring clothes and sleeping bag for low temperatures (0° to – 5 ° C)

    • Optional with additional charge & according to availability : Dormitory at the CAF chalet. 4 nights 90 € /person (from Oct 5 – 8, 2023)
  • Sanitary arrangements (showers, WC)

  • Dinner – Thursday, Friday, Saturday + Couscous Party Sunday

  • Breakfast – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

  • Mineral water for the duration of your stay

  • Race Logistics :

      • Medical assistance
      • Para-medical services (massage)
      • Race supplies : water & food (number & location of aid stations see Technical File)
      • Course markings
      • Base Camp facilities
  • Through Saturday night : Post-race snack (hot soup – sandwiches – hot drinks, etc.)

  • Prize giving: awards for all podium positions Male and Female.

  • Ancillary activities in Oukaïmeden (conferences, guided visits, etc.)

*price valid up to June 30, 2023. After this date the price is 490 € and according to availability

Group offer: 40 € reduction/person for a group of minimum 10, hence 420€ (offer valid until June 30 2023).

Start : The Oukaïmeden plateau

Type of terrain

  • Track : 11 KMS

  • Path : 30,5 KMS

  • Road : 0,5 KM

Race time

  • Winner : approximately 4H30
    (RECORD 04:33:28 – 2014 RACHID ELMORABITY)

  • Maximum time allowed: 12HRS

Time limit and time barriers

Max running time: 12 hours

Timichi time barrier (km 19.5): Start time + 04h00

Tacheddirt time barrier: Departure time + 09h00


Compulsory gear: See here


  • 19,5 KM (TIMICHI  Alt 1951m) : FOOD & DRINKS

Walnuts, almonds, salted biscuits, chocolate, dry apricots, raisin, cream cheese, bananas, bread, mineral water, coca.

  • 32 KM (TACHEDDIRT Alt 2344m) : FOOD & DRINKS

Almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, chips, dry apricots, cold turkey, bananas, bread, mineral water (plain & sparkling), coca.



  • 11 KM TIZI AGOUNS (PC1) *

  • 19,5 KM TIMICHI  Alt 1951m (PC2) *

  • 28 KM TIZI TACHEDDIRT Alt 3182m (PC15) *

  • 32 KM TACHEDDIRT Alt 2344m (PC16) *

  • 36 KM TIZI N’ADDI  Alt 2944m (PC17)


*  CHECK POINTS (PC) with medical staff

The Marathon de l’Atlas starts off the Challenge de l’Atlas.

The race is like a younger brother to the UTAT 105 and offers a combination of the emotions contained in his sibling. Extraordinary surroundings, a technical terrain, the requirements of the altitude and an immersion in Berber country – the perfect combo for a total change of scenery!

It’s still night on the Oukaïmeden plateau. The ambiance is electric, it’s the departure of the Marathon de l’Atlas.

After a few kilometers on an ascending track (450 m D+), you reach a ridge from where you may perceive the dawn, and the first PC. A descent takes you down a valley where the wadi Ourika takes its source, the entry on Berber territory. You reach the first village, Agouns, following a winding and hilly path to the second PC at Timichi – KM20.

A short and twisting climb, pretty step for a short time, brings you to a crest looking into a new valley. A large and smooth path will bring you to the beautiful village of Labassène. Another steep path and you are gratified with a breathtaking panorama.

You bypass the Eastern ridge of Adrar Tissi, and you start a climb of 800 m to reach the huge Tizi n’Tacheddirt (Alt 3 230 m). The path passes from one bank to the other of a pretty river. The col seems close, but no…still far away.

After a demanding ascent you finally reach Tizi n’Tacheddirt, where – if needed – a doctor will make sure all is well. Some 6 kms below you can see Tacheddirt and the Aid Station.

After a well-earned stop, there is just one climb left, another 600 m of positive vertical

A tough and beautiful ascent, where you are in constantly close to the solid rock of the Jbel Anggour (3 614 m).

Once at Tizi n’Addi (2 960 m), a smooth descent of 6 kms down to the bottom of a deep valley. A last effort and you will see the UTAT base camp on the plateau ! No need to run fast…enjoy your every stride !