The Virée d’Ikkiss covers 26 kms and the vertical gain is 1 400 meters.

The race starts in Oukaïmeden at an altitude of 2 620 m, the highest point on the course is at 2 950 m and the lowest at 1 830m.

The Virée d’Ikkiss might be a short race, but it will bring you a maximum of sensations!

26kms of varied terrain. Lush green valleys and dry high-altitude environments, technical paths and smooth trails, the fastest will finish in around 2 hrs. and 30 minutes.


Early bird offer: 420€ for registration in february 2023

(for Moroccan residents please check here) 

  • Shuttles : Turn/return ( Marrakech airport / Oukaïmeden).
    From Thursday Oct 5, 2023 – Return Monday Oct 9, 2023
  • Race registration (bib & roadbook)

  • Accommodation in marabout tents (16m2 / 4 to 5 persons), bring clothes and sleeping bag for low temperatures (0° to – 5 ° C)

    • Optional with additional charge & according to availability : Dormitory at the CAF chalet. 4 nights 90 € /person (from Oct 5 – 8, 2023)
  • Sanitary arrangements (showers, WC)

  • Dinner – Thursday, Friday, Saturday + Couscous Party Sunday

  • Breakfast – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

  • Mineral water for the duration of your stay

  • Race Logistics :

      • Medical assistance
      • Para-medical services (massage)
      • Race supplies : water & food (number & location of aid stations see Technical File)
      • Course markings
      • Base Camp facilities
  • Through Saturday night : Post-race snack (hot soup – sandwiches – hot drinks, etc.)

  • Prize giving: awards for all podium positions Male and Female.

  • Ancillary activities in Oukaïmeden (conferences, guided visits, etc.)

*price valid up to June 30, 2023. After this date the price is 470 € and according to availability

Group offer: 40 € reduction/person for a group of minimum 10, hence 420€ (offer valid until June 30 2023).

Start : The Oukaïmeden plateau

Type of terrain

  • TRACK : 2 KM

  • PATH : 23,5 KM

  • ROAD : 0,5 KM

Race Time

  • Winner : around 02h30
    (current record 02:23:20 – 2016 Rachid Elmorabity)

  • Maximum time allowed : 8H

Time limit and time barrier

Max running time: 08 hours
Amskere / Amssakrou barrier: Departure time + 05h00

Compulsory Gear : See here


  • 16,5 KM (AMSKERE  Alt 1861m) : Food & Drinks

Walnuts, almonds, salted biscuits, chocolate, dry apricots, raisins, cream cheese, bananas, oranges, mineral water (plain & sparkling), coca

4 Checkpoints all with medical staff (PC)

  • 6 KM TIZI N’ADDI  Alt 2944m

  • 11 KM TACHEDDIRT Alt 2344m

  • 16,5 KM AMSKERE Alt 1861m

  • 20,7 KM PLATEAU GLIZ Alt 2225m

A short trail and maximum thrills !   26 kms on a variety of trails, some technical and some smooth. Green valleys and high-altitude dryness. 


You might imagine that the length of the race makes it easier…but not really! The Virée d’Ikkiss, though shorter, offers an intense challenge on the Atlas trails. Two cols at almost 3000 m of altitude, many picturesque villages, technical descents and to finish it all a breathtaking ascent!


The start of the Virée d’Ikkiss is a buzzling mix of European and local racers, the latter excited to race on their home turf. Inevitably the Moroccans start off fast in the direction of Tizi n’Addi, the first col at an altitude of nearly 3000 m. However, it’s best to be careful since this first climb is rough, the altitude takes its toll.

Once this first difficulty over, there is an enjoyable downhill of 5 kms to the village of Tacheddirt.

The eyes and applauds of the villagers encourage you when you take a fairly smooth single track permitting you to bypass the Adrar n’Oukaïmeden.

Along the itinerary there are hamlets with smiling children and the walnut trees offers a salutary shade.

A hilly path will get you to Amssakrou, the only Aid Station on the race, before a last and imposing climb up to Tizi n’Oukaïmeden.

The path offers a brutal climb through a read earth crushed by the sun. Soon the bright green silhouettes of the junipers appear above you. The ascent is really steep, your legs are aching, but the environment is absolutely stunning.

After an ascent of 8 kms you finally pass the Moroccan flags at Tizi n’Oukaïmeden, from here you can see the UTAT base camp. Enjoy your last strides!