The UTAT is organized by the association Sports Nature Développement, a non-profit organization, based in Sospel in the Alpes-Maritimes (France), and by its Moroccan counterpart.

15 Avenue Jean Medecin –  06380 Sospel 

All members who work on a yearly basis for the association are volunteers.

During the event some 120 volunteers contribute to the success of the UTAT; doctors, nurses, first-aid workers, logisticians, physiotherapists, podiatrists, as well as a few happy, yet masochistic, tourists who come to enjoy the sun and meet their friends.

In addition to these volunteers there are of course professional security staff as well as the essential local staff: mountain guides and other experts who warrant for the soul of the UTAT.

The event employs 60 muleteers and as many mules, 60 logisticians, cooks, drivers…for us this is:

  • An indispensable logistical asset (over two tons of material to transport)

…and for them:

  • A major income during the year representing some 600 days of work, 75% of the race budget goes to local expenses, 3000 meals and 40 entries given to local runners.

The UTAT also acts in partnership with local associations, in order to extend the benefits of the event by useful field actions (school equipment, electrifying remote areas, donating sport equipment and clothing adapted to living in the mountains).