The mountain range the Haut Atlas is the highest in Morocco. Djebel Toubkal at 4167 m is the highest peak and the range stretches over 700 kms, separating an oceanic and subtropical climate from a semi-desert and continental climate.

Today the Haut Atlas remains a territory where Berber traditions and culture is alive. Far away from contemporary traffic routes, you discover the azibs (dry-stone shepherd shelters) and the tiny douar houses that appear totally outside time, randomly appearing in this vast altitude territory.

Here hospitality is a widespread principle. The Berbers welcome you in their villages built on the mountainside or at the bottom of a lush valley. They live in self-sufficiency, with meager means, leading a simple life that invites us to question our own lifestyle.

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https://parc-national-toubkal.ma (NB in French only…)